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Year Round Uses for Christmas Lights

People usually put up Christmas decorations for aesthetic purposes only, without any thought for their use after the holidays. This is why a lot of people simply take them down and store them away as soon as the season is over. But this doesn’t have to be the case for all decors. There are some decors that can be re-purposed or modified for year round use. One good example for this is the Christmas lights. The LED lights like the ones from Christmas Lights, Etc. are popular choices for holiday lighting but they can also be practical picks for your daily lighting needs.

Rope lights and string lights that adorn your Christmas trees, walls, and window panes can be used for your indoor and outdoor lighting requirements for the rest of the year with a bit of creativity. You can wind them in a baton to mimic the appearance of a long fluorescent lamp and place them in dim places around the house for extra illumination. It could also work as a kitchen cabinet or closet light as long as you have an outlet located near these storage spaces. Rope lights can also work as night lights in the hallways or outdoor areas like the poolside, driveway or garden path. You can even have fun with it by creating your own led wall art. For instance, you can use warm white LED String lights from Christmas Lights, Etc and form it to a giant light bulb to adorn a blank space in the wall or mix it with multi-color lights and create your own LED wall art.

LED string and rope lights offer a practical way to meet your daily lighting and decorative needs. It can also be a means to express your creativity at the same time. The Christmas holidays may be long gone but these Christmas Lights can brighten up your homes all year round and even for the years to come.

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