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The Worst Creepy Crawlies To Have Roaming Around Your House

While none of us like bugs or creepy crawlies roaming around our homes there are some pests that are worse than others. Some of the nastiest critters that can invade your home are those that cause damage like termites, or those that have the horror factor like spiders, stink bugs and cockroaches. The best way to avoid these pesky invaders is to deny them entry by installing screens and sealing all gaps. Stylewise Security use heavy-duty tear-resistant mesh that is an excellent way to stop bug infestations but if you do come across some of these critters in your home it is probably a good idea to call the exterminator- quickly.

Destructive Termites

Termites are one of the worst pests to invade your home as they can eat through timber beams and supports while remaining undetected. They hate light and will eat the heart out of timbers while retaining a thin exterior of wood to hide their presence. Often the first thing an unsuspecting homeowner will come across is hollow wood where a beam once was. Barrier treatments and regular inspections are the best deterrents. It is also important to make sure wood is not stored near the home’s exterior.

The Dreaded Cockroach

Nothing inspires horror in the kitchen quite like the appearance of cockroaches and rightly so. These pesky little critters can carry up to 33 types of bacteria as well as six different parasites and seven pathogens. They are tough to get rid of and are reputed to be able to survive a nuclear holocaust. In fact cockroaches can live without breathing for 45 minutes and they can survive a whole month without eating. They eat anything including hair, toenails and eyelashes and they breed profusely. The best way to avoid these dreaded creatures is with a regime of baits placed in dark areas like behind the fridge and under the sink.

Beware Spiders

Many people actually have a phobia about spiders. The thought of eight hairy legs tracing their way across one’s face while sleeping is enough to send some people into hysteria. While spiders come in all shapes and sizes, their appearance has nothing to do with whether or not they are venomous. Some of the smallest spiders are deadly, while the larger and creepier varieties like the Huntsman are not harmful to humans. The vacuum cleaner is the most effective and safest way of removing spiders and their webs from inside your home. The best defence against an infestation is keeping your house well sealed and having regular pest sprays by a qualified operator.

Stink Bugs Stink!

Another particularly gruesome creep crawly to invade your home is the stink bug. While they don’t bite people,they do emit a horrible smell when touched or disturbed. This is part of their defence mechanism.

If you are like the average human and don’t like things that creep and crawl, particularly inside your home, then get to work and inspect the exterior of your house for cracks and cavities. Stopping bugs entering is still the best way of avoiding them.

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