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Witnessing The Selling Powers of Junior Preneur Participants

Unlike ordinary Saturdays for young people who dragged their parents at the mall or arcades, last November 10 was a very productive day for kids. We were surprisingly amazed how kids, who at their age, already knew the basics of entrepreneurship and showed their potentials.

The children who joined the recently concluded Junior Preneur in People’s Village, Tiendesitas in Pasig, proved that kids can earn if they focused and aimed for it, and of course, with the supervision of their supportive parents.

My kids were both exhausted after visiting and shopping at the bazaar. But they surely had enjoyed it. I knew my daughter had tried not to give in on sales talk of kids who participated in the bazaar. But in the end, she was convinced and took her little savings to buy a new doll and a toy for her brother!

And there’s one good thing happened after that visit – my little girl had asked me to replace her Grandma in watching over our small store! Oh how I wish we don’t go bankrupt! Haha! However, how the Junior Preneur event stirred her entrepreneurial interest is definitely a good development, proving that she’s maturing.

The Junior Preneur was concluded with an awarding ceremony. All the hard work and efforts of the participants were acknowledged and appreciated through the awarding of certificates for participating in the 1-day Business Entrepreneurship Exercise. Of course, there are special awards to those who exceptionally performed in the bazaar. Way to go, girls!

The Junior Preneur bazaar aimed to increase financial literacy in the Philippines, especially to young people. Children were taught of the importance and value of money, hard work, saving for the future and socially responsible. We should not underestimate our kids. As parents, we should encourage our kids to open their hearts and mind into saving and entrepreneurship. Who knows, in the future, one of those who joined the Junior Preneur event become a successful business tycoon.

To know more of the Junior Preneur’ series of activities to help our young entrepreneurs in their journey to success, visit http://www.facebook.com/JuniorPreneur or http://juniorpreneur.org/. Our special thanks to Cherry Saulo, the director of Junior Preneur for organizing this very productive event for kids!

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  1. This is a great skill to learn, especially in one so young. I’m sure all the parents were exceptional proud of their children who participated in the bazaar.

  2. I love little shopping places. Too bad there aren’t many around my area. Would love to visit the Philippines someday to go shopping!

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