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Why You Need An Elevated Deck System

Most people think about a deck system as a simple piece of wood extended from the back door with steps and railings. It is the gathering place for warm weather family meals, cookouts and leisure reading and relaxation. If this recreational space is going to be safe, it will sometimes require a little more engineering than a single piece of wood delivers.

Decks that have a slight slope need an elevated deck system in order to keep users safe. Pedestals are inserted beneath wood tiles in order to keep the drainage mechanism in place for decks that have been slightly sloped to keep water off the surface. The elevated system makes the surface level but does not disturb the function of the original design.

The elevated system cannot create an enclosure around the original sloped surface, however. The sloped deck still needs to drain water. The pedestals are crucial for a new deck that needs to stay level. Without these pedestals beneath the top level tiles, furniture will not be stable and standing water may create slip hazards and rotting wood.

In some cases, the deck may need to be raised in order to keep the deck surface level with the threshold of the back door. Sometimes, builders simply do not create a finished product with the right specifications. Other times, weathering and typical shifting of houses creates this unevenness in platforms.

This not only presents a trip hazard for those who use the door, but it also fails to meet the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Wheelchairs, walkers and other frameworks that assist body movement from one place to another become dangerous for the users. If this occurs in a public place, restaurant and shop owners will need to learn more about how to comply with the ADA.

Elevated systems work wonders on rooftops, as well. Without them, contractors would need to break through the roof in order to create a deck. This could amount to considerable cost and time that the establishment owner or homeowner does not have. The most effective approach is to install a deck as an elevated deck system in order to allow the roof to continue to serve as a natural drainage system. This is the best way to do an add-on without disrupting either the normal business or routines of the space inside the building. Like lower decks, it will be level and safe for all to enjoy.

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