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Why the Internet is the Best Thing Since Electricity

Everyone complains about their electric bill. But would that $400 a month seem like so much if it made you smarter than Einstein, stronger than Hercules, or richer than Midas? Universally, we would consider it a bargain.

That is not to say that we should not care about how much our electricity bill is. The Internet can even help us with that. Did you know that 8.49¢ per kWh. is the lowest rate in Illinois right now? You would if you used some of that electricity to fire up a browser that points to a site like LocalElectricityCompanies.com to compare rates in your local area.

Electricity is not an end unto itself, but a means to an end. Powering a computer is a task that gives electricity expression in our lives. Even a computer is often said to be a dumb box when not connected to the Internet. In the end, it may not be electricity, but the Internet that is remembered as the greatest human achievement of the 20th century. Here are a few reasons why:

The Internet Brings Families Together

There is a whole world of things that pull families apart. They include:
• Work
• Travel
• Military
• Divorce
Any number of things can keep a parent from being with their children at critical times in their lives. This is simply the way of the world. But the Internet provides a way for us to eliminate some of the pain of separation. Technologies like FaceTime, Skype, and Hangouts allow families to come together online in circumstances that would not be possible without it.

Recently, a couple used the Internet-connected Apple Watch to send a newborn’s heartbeat to far away loved ones. The Apple Watch may get all the press for having the feature. But it is the Internet that made it possible. Even now, a military father in some god-forsaken part of the world is reading a bedtime story to his daughter back at home, courtesy of the Internet.

The Internet Enables Globalization of the Family Business

Even a family-sized small business can go global thanks to the Internet. Perhaps you knit tech-themed baby clothes. Who doesn’t want their baby dressed up like a smartphone? You don’t have to be limited to selling to your neighbors or church members. The Internet allows you to set up a storefront that can reach every tech-wielding person on the planet. Your spare-time family business can become an international conglomerate just by setting up a free ecommerce site.

The Internet Democratizes Knowledge

There was a time when the only person who could put up a ceiling fan was a qualified electrician. Today, anyone with an Internet connection, and nerves of steel, can do it themselves. Through the Internet connection, you can find countless videos on YouTube that provide step-by-step instructions on everything you will need to know.

In your quest to keep on learning, you will also discover resources that can help you complete your high-school diploma, or your college graduate degree. The physics class you failed in school no longer has to be the last word in your science education. You can learn just about anything there is to learn, and for free. The Internet is the most cost-efficient tutor you can get.

While it is clear that the Internet is the best thing since electricity, it is hard to imagine that anything will ever be better than sliced bread. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a ceiling fan to install.

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