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Why Keeping A Diary Of Your Child Is Important

Deciding whether your child is bright, and how and when to give her the right kind of attention, requires careful observation. For tis, it can be very helpful to keep a diary. It may be sound like a bit of a chore but it helps you to take a step outside the hurly-burly of everyday living so that you can get a clearer, more objective, view of what is happening in your family.

Record book

* Small notebook is perfect.

* Preferably with a hard cover so that it will last over the years.

* Jot down things as they happen or when you feel like it.

3 aspects to write about your child:

1. Progress.

2. Feelings.

3. Plans.


– It can help you see changing patterns in your child’s development.

– It can help you see things in perspective, and may help to spot potential problems before they have a chance to become entrenched.

– It will develop a feeling for your child’s character and at the same time, you can watch out for any special talents.


Source: Dr. Joan Freeman, child psychologist

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