Making simple changes to your child’s bedtime routine can make so much difference to your child’s health. The amount of sleep your little one gets will determine their mood the next day, as well as affect their development. Which would you rather have; a screaming tired toddler or a pleasant, smiling angel? It’s not difficult to answer, is it.

Sleep is the most frequent cause of frustration for up to 25% of parents of young children according to the BBC. A lack of it can make mums and dads feel grumpy, and make the child irritable. Most kids nowadays lead fun, jam-packed lives from going to school, playing sport, playing with friends and doing homework.

However, they cannot carry out all these activities if they do not have enough energy. Every person, whether they are four years-old or 40 years-old, needs the right amount of shuteye for their body to rest and recuperate. There are claims that not enough sleep can stunt growth and affect the immune system.

Not only is sleeping essential for the body but it is imperative for the mind too.

So how much sleep should kids get?

It is recommended that children aged 5-12 years-old have around 9.5 hours rest per night but experts claim that around 10 hours is needed each night.

How do I get them into a regular routine?

The best way that you can get your child to sleep is to wind them down an hour before bed to relax them.

· 7pm: Give your child a sweet-smelling bubbly bath, put them in their pajamas and get them to brush their teeth. Snuggle up in bed with them and read them a story (not a scary one). If they have a favorite soft toy, give it to them to cuddle whilst reading.

· 8pm: Tell them it is time for bed. Dim the lights if your child is scared of the dark and kiss them goodnight. If they try to mess around, simply inform them it not the time for play and put them back into bed. Do not engage in a chat with the child, be firm.


Beds are for sleeping, not playing. You can help your child get to sleep better by keeping the bedroom as a sleeping area. Whatever you do, never send your child to bed if they have been naughty and remember, once they are in bed keep them in there.

There should be no excuses why they need to get out of bed. Keep a glass of water on their bedside should they need a drink and take them to the toilet before bed.

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