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Why Choose Captain Shield in Protecting Your Home?

We all want to have a safe and clean home, free from leaks and pests. As a saying goes, there is no place like home, we seek all the convenience and protection in our house. Meaning, there is no room for problems like slab or wall leaks.

Davco has launched their brand-new product line for cement waterproofing, Captain Shield, which is intended to deliver long-term protection with more lasting structures.

Captain Shield is a product of Davco, which was recently acquired by the Swiss company Sika, equipped with “WaterGuard” technology creating a protective layer that blocks water and prevent sulfate-chloride attack.

Having a “WaterGuard” Technology shows three main benefits including the lessening of water absorption; preventing steel bar corrosion; and reducing chances of concrete porosity. The product is also easy to use and economical, has no effect on concrete strength and setting time, and it’s compatible to all types of cements.

Captain Shield, an admixture used for concrete structures or cement plasters, can be applied to foundations, beams and columns, slabs, external plastering, flooring and bathrooms.

Based on Experience

As a contractor, Lawrence Jacob maintains his credibility by satisfying clients from referrals and endorsements. For him, providing quality to his projects is a must and that he only trust products that never failed his client’s expectations.

“This is why it is important that despite I need to make profit. I still need to ensure that the house built will satisfy the needs of my customer,” the contractor said.

For a homeowner like Jessica Dy, she wants her home to stand the test of time as she will pass it on to her children as a legacy.

“Currently, I am so dependent on my contractor to make the decision. It is because I lack the information and confidence of what materials to use,” the homeowner said, adding that it would give her peace of mind in using Captain Shield.


Captaing Shield is easy to mix and use. A homeowner can do it by himself if the following steps were followed accurately:

As Integral Waterproofing:

Mix one (1) bag of Davco Captain Shield Waterproofing Compound (900 grams) evenly to one bag of cement (40kg).  Add this mixture to a desired proportion of sand and gravel, and mix thoroughly. Add water and mix to get desired workability and consistency.

As Surface Waterproofing:

Mix one (1) bag of Davco Captain Shield Waterproofing Compound (900 grams) evenly to one bag of cement (40kg). Add the desired amount of water and mix until the desired consistency is reached. Apply on the surface that will be waterproofed.

The Face of Captain Shield

Basketball legend Alvin Patrimonio renewed his contract for another year with Davco in taking the lead in being the face of Captain Shield.

Patrimonio has been Davco’s endorser for the past 3 years.

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