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What Music Can Do To Your Child’s Development

Child psychologists say that the ability to take pleasure in and to perform music always adds to the liveliness of a child’s mental and emotional development.

Musical education can start from birth, with the rhythm in parent’s singing and in rocking movements. Dr. Joan Freeman, a child expert, encouraged parents to let baby and other children hear all kinds of music, from classical through folk songs to jazz. There are concerts in parks, bands marching through the streets, and usually a guitar (not necessarily best acoustic guitar MF) or a piano somewhere around.

So what you can do with music?

  • Make singing as much a part of the bedtime routine as story-telling.
  • Sing with fidgety children in cars, and to and from school or on journeys. Even tiny babies will try to coo along.
  • Teach other things with music, such as “This is the way we wash our hands.” It helps little children to concentrate on the words and remember them.
  • Sing stories instead of speaking them.
  • Movement is a visualized response to sound. Make it wild or happy, sad or elegant.
  • Most babies’ first musical instrument is a rattle. You can soon move him on to others, though, such as two old pan lids or wooden blocks to clap together, or a toy drum to bang loudly.
  • Let children choose their own music.

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