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What A Bright Baby Needs

The most important thing that parents can give their baby is super-generous amount of loving physical cuddling. No, there’s no such thing as “spoiling” the little baby with too much cuddling.

Hold your baby in an upright position a lot, and have plenty of eye contact. This, gives the baby a reassurance that he needs to build up his feeling of security,  which in turn builds the base for exploration and learning, and later for self-reliance.

The close physical contact between mothers and babies makes it very easier for them to get to know one another. If the mother is holding the baby close and looking at him, she’s in a much better position to make immediate responses to his signals. The quicker her response, the more likely the baby is to retain his new learning.

The foundations of baby’s understanding and language are laid in conversations with them. His activities are not simply directed towards making life more comfortable, though they are a positive attempt to make his life more lively- in a sense, to stir things up, so he can learn from his own sensitivities and vulnerabilities.



Source: Dr. Joan Freeman, child psychologist

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