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Ways To Upgrade Your Garage For Home Buyers

Many homeowners focus on the kitchen and other main living areas when preparing their homes for the market. That is understandable, since many home buyers are interested in well-designed kitchens, spacious bathrooms and living rooms with views. Yet, there are many home buyers who look at the garage with just as much interest. If you want to make sure your garage is ready to impress those buyers, there are three things you can do to prepare for showings.

Update Your Storage System

If you do nothing else to fix up your garage before a showing, consider improving the storage options. Garage storage systems ensure that all tools have a proper place so that the garage remains tidy and safe. Home buyers with children appreciate the peace of mind that comes with a well-organized garage so that dangerous tools are tucked away.

You don’t want your storage system to take up a lot of room in the garage. Look for systems that are compact. Home buyers can invest in larger islands and other features if they want to use some of the space in that manner.

Shine the Floor

When you walk into your garage, do you see large oil stains? Do you see nicks and gouges in the floor from years of dropping tools and other rough usage? Is the paint starting to peel in some places? If so, give your floor a clean finish and shine it up as much as possible. A potential buyer who appreciates a great garage is likely someone who wants a clean, well-maintained garage. If you decide to apply paint, stick with a neutral color.

Maximize Space

Even smaller garages can look larger if they are cleaned out and properly organized. If you are moving some items out of your home, consider clearing out the garage so that the true size of the room is experienced by viewers. Don’t park your vehicles in the garage when you know home buyers are coming to view your home. This ensures that every viewer can size up the garage and think about ways they can use the space, even if it isn’t for parking cars.

These three things can make your garage more appealing to potential buyers, and you don’t have to invest a lot of money while getting it ready to show. Make sure to let your realtor know that you have made improvements to this area of your home.

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