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Vitapops: A Fun Way Of Enjoying Vitamin C For Kids

There are times when my little kids would resist taking their vitamins, especially Vitamin C. Either because of its sour taste or they get bored on repeatedly taking same syrup everyday.

But we have no choice but to insist for we value their health. That is why we alternate the syrup and the chewable tablets.

Good thing that there’s an exciting new product that would allow my children to have fun and enjoy vitamins while keeping them safe and healthy – Vitapops by Unilab! It is the first and only Vitamin C in pop rocks format!

My 5-year old daughter’s eyes grew larger as she ate it. She said, the pop rocks fizzles and pops inside her mouth! She also like the right amount of sweetness of Vitapops thus prevent her from having tooth decay.

Vitapops is highly recommended for children aged 7 to 12 years old. But kids as young as 4-years old can already take and enjoy it. I am  not sure if it is already allowed for his age to take Vitapops but my one-year old boy enjoyed it too! Although, he messed with it.

One VitaPops sachet contains 50 mg of Vitamin C and is equivalent to 5 glasses of milk / 28 pieces of calamansi / 1 ½ glasses of freshly squeezed orange. It means to have enough Vitamin C that a child needs everyday. While vegetables, fruits and milk may be healthy for your kids, there may not be enough Vitamin C to satisfy the recommended daily intake of 35 mg for 7-9 yrs old and 45 mg for 10-12 yrs old.

VitaPops is contained in single-dose sachet packaging so there’s no need to worry about spillage or breakage of bottles. It’s very handy and convenient to bring anywhere, even as part of your child’s baon. Unilab claimed that there’s no way there could be an overdose because Vitamin C is water soluble so any excessive intake will just be excreted through the urine plus VitaPops is in a non-acidic Sodium Ascorbate formulation so it doesn’t cause stomach irritation. It is generally safe and does not cause any allergies but it is still best to consult with your pediatrician.

Each sachet is only P10 and now available in all leading drugstores nationwide.

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  1. vitamin c is really important. i don’t wanna see nephew get sick to young his a baby. i hope this product will last until my baby nephew is old enough for this vitamin.

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