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Tips to Help Organize Your Stockroom

When your stockroom has inventory that’s stacked to the ceiling, moving things around can be difficult, especially when items are large or heavy. By organizing your stockroom, you can create a safer work environment for employees and make it easier to find items when you need them.

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Make Sure There’s Easy Access

Make sure all employees have easy access to the stockroom. If you have a business that sells heavy items, you may need a good ladder and some type of lifting system that can move inventory around. Large boxes and containers stacked at overhead heights can create a dangerous situation for employees who have reach up to stack and retrieve inventory. With heavy industrial items, you may even need an overhead crane to move items around. When inventory arrives at your business, a large pallet with pneumatic wheels will help you move items from the loading dock to the stockroom or their intended destination on the premises.

Use Easy-to-Read Labels

By creating some type of easy-to-read labeling system for your stockroom, inventory will be much easier to shelve and retrieve. If your products are in boxes, clearly label each box for proper distribution. If products are not boxed, make sure your shelving system is clearly labeled by rows and sections. By alphabetizing products and shelves, items will be easier and quicker to find. There’s a variety of different labeling systems on the market that use scanners, bar codes and other innovative computerized technology. These labeling systems are cost-effective and easy to use.

Clean Your Stockroom Regularly

A large stockroom that’s full of boxes or loose inventory can quickly become messy and disorganized without regular cleaning. If your stockroom is used to pack and unpack boxes, it’s important to discard the boxes, filling and packing tape right away. If your stockroom also contains office supplies, keep those items clearly separated from inventory. To keep your stockroom neat, try cleaning at the end of each work day. If time doesn’t allow, clean at the end of each week or consider hiring a cleaning crew on a regular basis.

No matter what type of business you have, a clean, well-organized stockroom will help your business run more efficiently. It will also create a safer, more productive environment for your employees. An organized stockroom will create a safe, efficient, productive workplace and bigger profits for your business.

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