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Tips On Preparing Your Child’s First Birthday Party

Although celebrants never really remember it, first birthdays always merit a celebration.

Though a first birthday party is mainly enjoyed by parents and guests, the birthday celebrant will enjoy the party too if these are kept in mind:

1. Schedule the party on the baby’s best time. Absolutely do not schedule a party on a baby’s nap and feeding times. You really want to avoid having a sleepy, fussy, or cranky baby during the party. Late morning or late afternoon parties would be best, preferably, right after naptime so the celebrant is well rested and in good spirits.

2. Keep it short. Little ones have fairly short attention spans and can become fussy if the party stretches for hours.

3. Keep the party cozy. Babies can be overwhelmed with too many people and too much noise. To make the party more pleasant for the celebrant, try to trim down the guest list to the closest relatives and friends.

4. Splash the party venue with colors. Babies love anything colourful and would be delighted with bright and cheery atmosphere. Balloons are always wonderful to have just take extra caution in choosing safe ones.

A first birthday party is definitely something that has to be prepared for but should never be something to be stressed about.  Babies are very easily pleased and as long as the people who love him are present, it really wouldn’t matter if the party is grand or simple.

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  1. Thank you for the refresh on this– no one enjoys a cranky baby even if it is their birthday–the parties need to be small and short in time also– because it become to much of a good thing and no fun for anyone–thanks 🙂

  2. Great tips for first time mommies. I agree, a child’s first birthday is more of the parents celebration on their child’s first year. I remember my daughter didn’t enjoy much of her 1st birthday. It’s noisy and she was scared of the mascot hahaha!

  3. I was not in the Philippines when my eldest had his 1st birthday but my family sent me all pictures ,it was held in Mc Donald. it was a success ,so probably the best thing is to just rent a place like Mc DO or Jollibee and they arrange all.
    The youngest, that was what i did, went to Mc Do and scheduled a party.

  4. Good thing is to celebrate with family and relatives. You never go anywhere just to entertain your guest not so stressful at all.

  5. wow, one of my cousins will be celebrating her first birthday in a few months and her parents asked for my help… now i have ample ideas on what to do… thanks!

  6. This very useful, my nephew’s first birthday is coming soon. We want to celebrate his birthday. I’m really excited! Thank you! for the tips.

  7. My son’s first birthday is one of the happiest moment and of course stressful but fulfilling. thanks for the tips!

  8. These are indeed great tips for moms out there. I will put these in mind, and will be a preparation for me to become a better mother.

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