Being a mom is a full time job in itself yet, there are mothers who are able to manage being a full time mom and having a career as well.  The secret to striking a healthy balance between the two is effective time management. Here are some steps that can help you manage time.

1. Organize.  Managing time starts with putting order in the way things are done.  Organize your home or work place in a manner that promotes efficiency in performing tasks.  Designating specific storage areas for tools or equipments for household tasks and at work minimizes the risk of losing items and spending time looking for them.  A frantic mom looking for car keys during morning rush is a common scenario in hectic households. After organizing the workplace, it is time to identify and prioritize tasks that need to be done on a daily basis.

2. Prioritize and Delegate. List down the tasks according to their urgency and find the best time to put them in your schedule.  This will give you an idea on whether you can cope with the tasks yourself or if there is a need to delegate.

3. Look for ways to save on time.  Schedule tasks and errands that require travel according to proximity.  Taking the kids to school, going to the office, picking up the grocery or shopping for clothes and other necessities, require some travelling.  One can save on travel time by scheduling these tasks together.  For instance, moms can drop the kids to school and swing by Madison Avenue Mall for furs just before going to work then stop by the grocery after picking the kids up from school.

There are more time management techniques that busy moms can adapt to make their lives less stressful.  Practicing these three steps should set them off on a good start in taming time.