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The Wonka Imaginarium Experience

(Expressed by Ice)

Giant bugs. I shouted in fear but then laughed.

Walking and talking tree. I hugged the talking tree.

From the magical forest with full of candies and chocolates, I entered a tunnel to the what they called Imaginarium.

Then I met a lady wizard who asked me and the kids with me to spell the magic word with our pixie wand!

In the end, we saw a huge rainbow where we can express our dreams!

This is the Imaginarium experience brought to us by Wonka and Candy Corner.

[Fun-filled and “sweet” day.]

The Wonka Imaginarium is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It was my first time too.

If you love to have the same exciting and fun experience, visit their exhibit at Grand Atrium, Shangri-la Plaza in Mandaluyong City. Hurry! This will be until tomorrow only.

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