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The Sweetest Sister In The World


She is three, but she takes care of her brother like she always knew how. My little girl once said, “I’m in charge of my brother.”

Sounds mature, right? Yes she is. But of course, we cannot just entrust the youngest in the family to her. As a big sister, she was tasked to watch out for his brother while they are playing in their room.

One thing that’s really impressive about my daughter is that even though she has colds, she still knew if her brother already pooped without inspecting or touching the diaper. What a sharp smelling ability.

We just hope jealousy would not cross her mind as my son grew.

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  1. very good ate! Napakasarap sa pakiramdam ung gnyan ang nakikita mong sweetness and closeness ng magkpatid…sa mga kids ko naaiyak ako pag nag aaway sila eheh ;))

  2. Importante sa lahat yung habang lumalaki sila ay they know how to take care & value each other. At her age, hanga ako sa knya. Very sweet & a role model to her younger brother 🙂

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