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The Magic of Music Weaves Family Ties Closer

The air is filled with holiday cheer and everyone’s busy preparing for Christmas Eve.  By now, almost all homes are bedecked with trimmings and twinkling lights.  There are also more people flocking the malls and bazaars; all with Christmas lists on hand.  Check everyone’s calendar and you’ll most likely find all weekends penned in with family reunions, get-together with friends, and corporate gatherings.  Oh, yeah, December really is the busiest time of the year.

Family reunions are what most people look forward to during the holidays.  Aside from tons of laughter and plenty of cheer not to mention feasts of traditional Noche Buena food, most – if not all – family reunions would not be complete without music.  These gatherings reverberate with family members belting out songs on the videoke trying to outscore each other in a spirit of good fun.  Oftentimes, a member of the family also plays the piano, the guitar, or even a Yamaha flute.

Music definitely plays an important role in holiday gatherings.  When relatives have not seen each other for quite a long time, music has a way of breaking the ice and making everyone feel completely at home.  Certain songs also bring out memories from Christmases past and could start a stream of recollections.  Sharing wonderful music together is certainly a great way to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.

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  1. My favorite thing of the holiday! LOL I always look forward day after thanksgiving not only for black friday but Christmas music!!!! 🙂

  2. I love the music during the holidays. In fact, I could play it all year long if my husband would let me. Somehow, Christmas music puts me at ease, I guess it is the true meaning of Christmas, but also the cheer that surrounds the holiday, where everyone is more at peace.

  3. I love the holiday’s and everything in it and so enjoy the music thats around me, christmas music seems to sooth the toughest croud in my home LOLL love them all(my family) even when i play the kiddy music , they all start to sing in 😉

  4. i love christmas music and the family getting together with laughter and the occasional family fued lol but when that happens i crank up the christmas tunes and everyone finally chills out

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