Water is essential for proper body functioning, and it is necessary for survival. However, most people do not drink enough water for optimum health. This is usually due to the metallic taste of tap water and the health risks associated with drinking it.

People used to rely heavily on tap water to get their daily quota of water. In recent years, several public health scares caused people to shy away from the tap. Bottled water companies stepped in to fill the demand for healthy, better-tasting water. Their promise of pure, “spring” water turned into a health and fitness craze as people started buying their drinking water.

The statistics show that Americans spend more than seven billion dollars a year on bottled water, so the industry is definitely here to stay. Is the price of bottled water worth the health benefits these companies claim? Is the water really healthier?

Several big name beverage companies were investigated for misleading the public about the contents of their bottles. Many companies fill their bottles with purified tap water. In fact, up to 25 percent of bottled water is actually treated tap water.

While bottled water may not be any more pure than tap water, many people claim it has a better taste. However, a blind taste study of New York City residents found that 75 percent preferred the taste of tap water. If bottled water does not taste better than tap water and is no more pure, what other options do people have?

Filtered water is currently the best solution to the tap and bottled water problems. More homeowners than ever use water filters to ensure healthy, great-tasting water at home. Filters from companies like Frigidaire allow people to quench their thirst with clean water straight from the tap or refrigerator door.

Water filters remove contaminants from both well water and municipal water supplies. Chlorine, lead, mercury and other toxins are filtered out for the purest, cleanest drinking water available. There is really no better choice than filtered water, from both a purity and economy standpoint.

Homeowners should change their water filters when the water has an odor, or when visible particulates float in the water or settle at the bottom of a glass. Customers can find an array of Frigidaire water filters at Frigidaire-store.com. Other brands and models are featured on their respective company websites.