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Tempted To Hurt Your Child? Don’t Give The First Hit!

There again his tantrums. He want this, he want that. He don’t like to eat this. He’s asking for that toy which annoys you more. And you’re already fed up.

But do you need to shout make him stop? Or worst, hurt him to end it?

Parents and guardians have different ways of disciplining their children. For impatient parents, they resorts to kurot, pingot, batok, sampal, palo sa puwet, gulpe de gulat, and mata lang ang walang latay.

But when a child get used to such kinds of discipline, he will not be affected anymore by any violent discipline or ultimatum that you’d imposed to him. He become more hard-headed and sometimes he would fight back, loosing the respect.

As for keeping on shouting at a child, the probability of him shouting back at you is great. And then you would get upset by this action. A child can only imitate what they witnessed and experienced from adults.

Although others would grew up successful despite suffering a strict and distressful discipline during childhood. But some of them may have psychological problem that could be dangerous especially if they’d having their own family.

It has been tried and tested that just talking to your child about his mistakes and explaining the worst consequences of repeating it, is well enough.

Nevertheless, if you can’t help yourself from hurting your child, why not release the first strike to some hard object so that the following hits would not be that stronger. Then, it is a MUST to explain to your child what he did wrong that deserves punishment.

If you’re angry, the first hit is great and could be dangerous to young ones.

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