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Teaching Your Kids On How To Organize

Keeping the house spic ‘n span can be quite a gargantuan task for some people and much effort for those who lives with too many children!

However, finding a wall to wall carpet cleaning brooklyn-based can be very easy and this kind of service will surely lessen your stress on cleaning up all the mess by the unbeatable activeness of kids.

Children can be like pack rats and can accumulate so many things and stuffs in such a short span of time. Think of books, toys, clothes and other children-related equipment, appliance and accessories that you have amassed over a period of one to two years! Imagine how they would double up in numbers in the next 5 years!

The problem of tidying up with your children can be solved by convincing the little ones to clean up after playing like asking them to pick up their books or toys that they had scattered all over the playroom or any part of the house.

But instead of scolding them, why not turn the habit on cleaning up into a fun activity like counting how many toys they had picked and placed on boxes.

You can also set a reward system, like the one who did not spill any dirt on the carpet for a day will get his favorite meal.

A handy solution is making cleaning-up just another playtime. I am sure you will get the house tidied up in no time!

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  1. My poor daughter is probably even more disorganized than I am. But this article looks like it has some good info. Thanks!

  2. I honestly haven’t thought about doing it this way. My kid is two but I do want him to learn to clean. It’s always been clean up so you can eat or clean up or you won’t play etc. I think I will try this instead.

  3. i think i started young, as i have started young with my own children and now my grandchildren, on how to organize.. my simple rule is if its not picked up or put back it becomes my property, of course i would hide it and wait to see how they take care of something else and allow them to have the item back, they learn fast 😉

  4. I started teaching my child at a young age on how to clean. I’ve always told her that whatever she plays with she is responsible for picking them up and putting them back where they belong. And when she does a good job on doing them she’ll get rewarded with something like a new doll, coloring book, going out to the movies, treats (I know, sweets, but its not that often that she gets them soo… ), etc…

  5. I always made a game of cleaning up with my son. We would sing the “clean up” song and see how fast we could tidy up. Now, he does this with his 2 year old son and it works very well! Children need to learn to be responsible as early as possible.

  6. If you teach your children early enough then it will pay of later down the road when they get older. I have three older kids now and I wish I would of took my advice when I was younger with my children. To this day they still have problems keeping their rooms clean. Thanks for the advice!

  7. Kind of reminds me of Mary poppins, where she turned clean up into a game. It’s great to teach children how to clean and organize. I tried to teach my nephew. I think I started to late lol

  8. Great tips! I used the reward system when my daughter was younger. Now she says it’s a bribe 🙂 Kidding aside, it’s very important to instill respect for responsibilities given to our children at an early age. They become considerate human beings when they grow up and they value the sense of putting order in their stuff and life.

  9. The reward system always seems to work best in attempting to instill organizational skills with your children. I read on one of the blogs that a lady has a box and when she finds something is out of place, she puts the item into the box, similar to what one of your other followers has written. I like this idea.

  10. Making a game as one of your followers has mentioned can work wonders. It helps to instill responsibility within the youngster and a sense of pride to know that a job has been done well.

  11. If my son picks up his toys,without complaining, I let him stay up 10 minutes past his bedtime. If he complains or doesn’t pick up, he goes to bed 10 minutes early, seems to be working well 🙂 So hard to stay organized with little ones but we’re trying!

  12. THanks for the tips i also teach my son even he is not well organized ciz he is a boy i teach him to keep his toys in one place..

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