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Teaching Your Child About God

God is Good. God is Great. All the time.

This is the most simple yet important line that my kids always remember. As young as one year and half, my son interestingly follow her sister when she’s expressing those words.

Introducing God to them and then they’re able to recognize Him is an achievement to us parents.

How young should you teach your child about God?

  • As young as he can understand that there’s someone above all of us. For Catholics, you can guide even a little baby to do a sign of a cross. See how cute he is.
  • Regularly bring your child to church. Remember to tell you kid, chairs for church are not playground. You are all there to listen to the word of God and reflect.
  • Read him the Bible either every night, every morning or once a week. You can share to him books or comics with stories about God’s good deeds.

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