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Talking About Quilt

An exhibit at the Columbus Art Gallery called “Time Lines,” displays quilts created by members of the Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc., a non-profit organization. The exhibit, according to gallery manager, Lisa Rosendahl, are not “your grandmother’s quilts.”

Traveling Exhibition

The traveling exhibition includes 33 quilts created by more than a dozen members of the non-profit group, whose mission is to promote quilting as an art. The Columbus Art Gallery has seen an increase in new visitors to the gallery since displaying the exhibit, which runs through November 14. The tour began in Nebraska at Gallery 92 West in Fremont in June, and will next visit Grand Island in February. The exhibit opened with a public reception on October 20, hosted by the Calico Quilt Club.

Different Level of Quilt

Unlike quilts made in past generations, the quilts on display were not designed for warmth, but created as display pieces. Although the quilts meet the traditional definition of a quilt, as they are made completely of pieces of fabric stitched together, the quilts represent a different level of quilting. Many showcase abstract composition and images that more resemble a photograph than a quilt. Some are created from hand-dyed fabrics, some with differing textures, and others non-traditional items including watches faces and jewelry.

Quilt Examples

Rebecca Lilly Segura’s submission, entitled “Boy on a Beach,” features a young boy on a surfboard looking out over the waves. Ms. Segura used a photograph of her son as the inspiration for the quilt. “Time Flow,” created by Peg Pennell includes a watch face in its design, while “Lines of Symmetry” by Louisa L. Smith features an abstract design. “A Common Thread,” with its display of five women, appears to represent Chris Taylor’s interpretation of a group of ethnic women in traditional dress.

The gallery is open from noon to 5 PM Monday through Thursday, noon to 4 PM on Friday and 1:30 to 4:30 PM on Sunday. Learn more about the modern world of quilting at Quilts n Quilts Fabric Shoppe. They offer a wide variety of quilting supplies, fabric and advice for those who love quilting.

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