Summer should be fun for many, especially for kids! But you don’t want it to be ruined by “little destruction” like bugs and other insects.

Here are some tips you might consider for safe summer activities for your little ones:

  • Advice your children not to play with insects and avoid areas swarming with them.
  • Make sure that your child showers immediately after playing outdoors.
  • Manage waste properly: Keep garbage bins tightly closed and get rid of all leftovers immediately.
  • Install screens on doors and windows to prevent bug invasions.
  • If you’re planning a garden party, get a bug zapper and hang it outside. Keep food and drinks tightly covered at all times.
  • Bathe your pets regularly.

See? The absence or limiting the “destructions” could mean more laughter, less irritation and less fear of possible disease that insects or bugs might cause to them.