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Stairway Safety Structures and Parts

Every household or building needs to have the proper installations near stairways. Governments demand that all stairs in homes and buildings have the proper safety features. A steel railing is an example an important feature along stairs.

A rail is designed to allow people to safely make their way up or down stairs. Such a simple structure offers a good grip for walking on stairs while maintaining balance. Additionally railings are designed to prevent falling accidents from the sides of stairs. Rail designs are based on the slopes of a stairway. For instance, steep steps need to be matched with railings that are positioned at an angle that matches the slope of the steps.

Posts are components that physically connect railings with stairs. Thick posts are mounted to the stairs with flanges and rings that provide extra reinforcement. Heavy duty commercial screws are used to fasten metal railings to nonmetal stairs that may be made of concrete, stone, wood or even plastic. Stair railings also have plenty of other small components that are specialized for specific mounting and fastening purposes. For example, end caps are used to add style to the tips of railings. The caps may be in the shape of a sphere for aesthetic appeal. Additionally, linking anchorages are used to connect rails to walls.

Some railings are made of hollow material that is lightweight yet strong enough to support people that lean on them. Tubular railings are much stronger than traditional rectangular shaped railings made of metal.

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