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Simple Ways to Landscape Your Garden

Simple Ways to Landscape Your Garden

You don’t need the budget for a professional gardener to landscape your garden to perfection. When you have the patience, foresight and inspiration – a DIY landscaped garden is an achievable option. Read on for a simple guide on taking control of your backyard and turning it into a picture-perfect haven:

Get inspired – every landscaped garden begins with a vision. To create your vision take the time to get inspired by other gardens. Drive around your neighborhood and take a look at nearby front lawns for ideas or browse the Gardening section Pinterest where it’s easy to get lost for hours in the thousands of Garden boards. There are so many different styles of landscape gardens to choose from: modern, cottage, wild, minimal – now is the time to make a note of what you like and print off images for later reference.

Understand the basics – there are no strict rules to landscaping, but following a few simple guidelines can help achieve a striking design. Begin by planning a focal point that everything else can work around; this could be a shrubbery, a path, an outbuilding or a pond. Trees are another good place to start as a focal point. You may have existing features in place, and if you’re working on a budget, preserving these present structures will be cost effective. Another budgeting tip is to plan your landscaping process in phases and buy plants like perennials, shrubs and trees later in the season when garden centres are trying to get rid of them. Research into year-round appropriate flowers for an ever changing landscape, the goal is to have flowering plants in spring/summer and plenty of foliage in autumn/winter.

Add shape – adding shape to your garden doesn’t have to mean making structural changes to your lawn. A beautiful landscape can be created through the use of potted plants, garden furniture andoutdoor lighting.Paving is a brilliant way to add curves to an otherwise rectangular garden patch, whilst raised bedding and decking can add levels towards at the end of your lawn. Rocks and boulders can also add levels and interest to your garden. Research into natural stones that you can obtain for free, native stones look more appealing than high-cost rocks from a garden centre.

Consider layers and textures– when planting your shrubberies and flower beds, add layers by planting in 3 rows with the tallest at the back and shortest plants at the front. Use repetition which will give your flower bed designs an appealing symmetry. Don’t forget the importance of texture too; the different foliage and branching pattern characteristics of each plant can be overlooked but varying forms of texture will add variety and depth to your garden.

Include water – water features need not be complex or expensive, and they make wonderful focal points with accompanying relaxation sounds to enjoy! Use pre-formed plastic liner and cheap fountains which are easy to install. For those who feel a little more adventurous consider a tranquil waterfall which ripples down to a pond.

This is a guest post.

James Black is a home and garden blogger from the UK. He recently landscaped his own front and back gardens and is currently installing outdoor lighting ready for summer BBQ’s.

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