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Signs Of Child’s Early Maturity

My little boy grew more active everyday. He’s amazingly unstoppable and loves running and playing around as if he never gets exhausted.

However, when he became naughty and likely to do foul things, he can be immediately controlled and never repeat it as if he already fathom the consequence of his mistakes.

There’s an instance when he dropped on the floor and stepped on the guitar’s neck and got broke. He got his first reprimand although we are not sure if a one-year old boy would already understand. He did not touch the guitar again. And thanks to the nearest store with guitar necks for sale , we are saved from his uncle’s anger and bought a cheaper but good replacement.

Sometimes I wonder if my boy will grew mature earlier than we thought.

Kids are known to be stubborn and really childish sometimes but if they were molded with a proper discipline, it’s an achievement for parents.

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