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Sick But Happy

The year is just beginning but we almost celebrated the coming of 2012 at the hospital. At New Year’s eve, we rushed my son at the emergency room because he has been restless for two nights.

He’s teething and the pain reliever gel apparently won’t have an effect on him. Then, we noticed the watery rashes all over his hands, legs and feet. At first, I thought it was a chicken pox because he had been febrile for three days. Luckily, we did not spend the New Year’s celebration at the hospital. The doctor at the emergency room dismissed the chicken pox but found out that my son’s throat has bacteria.

On the first day of January, he had mild asthma attack but we immediately managed it. Well, firecrackers are the culprit.

After his asthma and the fever were gone, my son got his first bath for the year with leaves of Kamias and Bayabas. These are for his rashes (which still, I believe is chicken pox).

Two days after, we decided to see his own pediatrician to make it sure that my son is okay even though the rashes were gradually healing and the pain of his teething subsided and apparently his tonsil is cured by the prescribed antibiotic.

Yes, it was a chicken pox as his pedia doctor confirmed. Then, I felt a little fear inside me because I never had chicken pox ever and good thing that my daughter had a vaccine. However, whatever happened I would still personally take care of son. All I need is to boost my immune system.

Unfortunately, few days after and while my son is recovering, my daughter had flu. She lost her appetite which turned her a little thinner.

The start of the year may not be healthy for my kids and I am still thankful that they remain cheerful and actually helped us for them to recover as soon as possible.

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