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Siblings Rivalry

Recent developments on the killings of an actor in the Philippines pointed to the angle of siblings rivalry. That was very unfortunate especially that the country is known to have a very close family ties.

Such crime could be prevented if only the relationships between siblings is well-oriented and properly managed by none other than the parents. Jealousy and rivalry are normal but it can be controlled.

When my eldest begun to feel jealous against her brother:

1. I call my daughter’s attention and seek her audience.

2. When she’s in her tantrums, I explain to her the consequences of her feelings.

3. Reiterate to her how much we love them both and how they should love and care for each other.

4. Tell her how important she is for her brother and that she should always look after her, responsibly.

I know that as they grow, some factors could influence them but I would try my best to guide them to the right path of life.

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