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Shoe Matters: Proper Care for Treasured Footwear

One of the basic accessories that women often splurge on is a good pair of shoes. This is probably because fashionable footwear can complete any outfit that a woman wears.

Fashion experts recommend that women have at least five types of shoes in their closets which include casual footwear like flats and sandals, work shoes or pumps, formal wear shoes, athletic shoes, and statement footwear that reflects your own personal style like boots, red shoes or wedge sandals.

Those who splurge on their shoes need to practice proper shoe care to protect their fashion investment.

Taking care of one’s footwear is dependent on its type of material. In most cases a three step process of cleaning, conditioning and polishing is enough to preserve a shoe for the long run. It also helps to waterproof shoes to make them last longer and protect them against harsh elements especially those that are made from smooth leather, suede, or exotic skins. However, one should be careful in applying shoe treatment products for sensitive materials like those that have been previously mentioned. A small dab of the wrong chemical can easily ruin one’s treasured pair. Those who have no idea on how to handle shoe cleaning tasks can seek advice from experts or get products from companies that specialize in shoe care.

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