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Secret Cleaning Tips You Never Thought Of

Cleaning tips have been handed down for generations. Some good and some not so good! There is such an abundance of cleaning products on the supermarket shelves that choosing the right cleaning product can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Factors to take into consideration when cleaning are the harshness of certain chemicals and family health.

The Oven

Most stoves are used on a daily basis. Cleaning the oven has to be one of the most time consuming and thankless of jobs. Once you have given you oven a good clean, line the base of the oven with a non-stick oven liner. This liner will trap spills and can be replaced when needed, without the need for scrubbing the bottom of the oven.

Scum proof your glass shower doors

Modern clear glass shower doors look lovely but the build-up of soap and scum can be a chore to clean off. Firstly, clean the glass thoroughly with a glass or shower cleaner. Make sure to remove all traces of mildew. Dry the glass thoroughly. Purchase a water repellent from an auto shop and use the product to create an invisible film on the glass. This will repel water and also help prevent soap scum building up. This will help to repel the water for up to six months.

Switch to microfiber

Rags, paper towels and newspapers have long been used when cleaning. Changing to microfiber cloths will eliminate the use of harsh chemicals, as the fibres create a static charge that catches dust. These cloths leave a streak free finish and can be used on computers, TVs, sinks and windows.

How to clean your microwave

Even if you use splatter covers when putting food in your microwave, the inside of your microwave will still end up with bits and pieces of food splatter. Instead of using a chemical spray to loosen grime, simply cut a lemon on half, squeeze juice into a small bowl of water, add lemon halves and microwave for five minutes. This will not only eliminate odours, but the steam will loosen built on grime, which you can now easily wipe off.

Clean the showerhead

The pipe leading to the showerhead contains water where bacteria breed. Other than disconnecting the shower head to give it a thorough clean, an easy way to eliminate built up residue is to tie a bag of vinegar around the shower head and leave overnight. The vinegar will clean the showerhead with not much effort from you.

Cleaning is a time consuming job. Sometimes it is better to get a professional cleaning job done. AMC Commercial Cleaning can take care of all your cleaning needs, using environmentally friendly products. This way, you will have more time to pursue your other interests! Cleaning, although necessary, is a chore. It is hard work keeping germs and bacteria under control, but these few tips might make this task a little easier!

This is a guest post, written by Kim Blair

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