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Screening Household Helpers

Most households today necessitate the services of nannies or helpers to take care of the family’s domestic needs while the parents are busy working for a living and tending to the educational needs of the children. Unfortunately, finding good helpers nowadays can be quite difficult and daunting especially when one hears about the horror stories of trusted nannies that turn bad.  The best way to protect the family against abusive helpers is to take time in screening the applicants.

There are three common sources of household helper applicants: referrals from friends or relatives, candidates from recruitment or manpower agencies, and classified ads respondents.  Regardless of the source, employers should always conduct thorough interviews and background checks on candidates that they would let into their house and care for the family members. It would be nice if the screening done on helpers hired through manpower agencies are as comprehensive as the background checks at easy backgrounds but some agencies would simply require their recruits to submit barangay, police or NBI clearances.  Having an interview with the applicants will help you gauge their ability to meet your needs and get the details of their personal and work background.  It would also help if you can get in touch with previous employers to check on the candidate’s work attitude and performance.  Don’t be too hasty in making decisions, if something doesn’t feel right or add up during the interview probe further until you are satisfied.

Corporate employers and big businesses subject their potential employees to rigorous screening to protect their business interest.  Homemakers should exercise the same prudence when selecting household help who would stay in their homes and be a part of the family’s daily life.

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  1. I totally agree with this… thanks for sharing…

    in the past I had some good and some horrible caregivers… references and such arent’ always enough… you need to keep a constant watch on what is happening, as sometimes what was good can turn bad… sigh

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