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Saving Money on Utility Bills in Texas

Ever since the state enacted a law that allowed many utility customers to choose from a number of utilities that served their local area, people have been looking at the different options to find out which is better.

If money is the most important reason for you to consider switching, then taking a look at different ways to save money overall will likely help you make a more informed decision.

Here are some of the best ways to save money on utility bills in Texas:

Conserve energy: Texas has a lot more sunshine than most states in the union. You can therefore look at making changes to your home that include letting in more natural light during the day so that you don’t need to use as much electricity for lighting. You can also look at removing your hot water tank and replacing it with an instant hot water system that doesn’t have to constantly heat hot water when it is not being used. They can provide you with estimates of how much electricity is used by each one of your major appliances so that you can figure out where you can save by using them less.

Find a lower cost utility: Texas rules allow you to choose a utility that serves your area without any penalty. You can therefore look at utilities like Reliant Energy, that are able to sell electricity to several parts of the state and deliver it using the local utility’s infrastructure. In many cases, utilities that are vying for you as a customer will offer rates below the rates that you currently pay, making it worth your while to investigate.

Add renewable energy: Whether you add a solar panel to power an electric gate or an outdoor light, every time you add a piece of renewable energy to the systems in your home, it allows you to save money over time. The US is planning to have between 25 and 33 percent of its energy come from renewable resources in the near future. For households that want to save money and be green, aiming for a similar amount of renewable energy to power their household is a realistic goal. An added benefit is that most renewable energy equipment includes a tax incentive.

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