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Safety Tips Tor Buying and Securing Furnishings

Your baby will spend most of their time in the nursery during the first years of life. Choosing and installing furnishings safely is one of the most important things that you can do to protect your child. Following some basic safety tips for buying and securing furnishings is an easy task that will ensure you and your baby are comfortable in the finished nursery.

Safety latches or safety straps are devices that are installed on the back of dressers, bedside tables and other large or heavy furnishings to keep them from tipping forward when pulled from the front. Although it can be hard to imagine an infant climbing furniture, your baby will be crawling and walking within six months to one year. Install furniture with safety latches early to prevent any future accidents. Straps and latches should be installed by following the manufacturer’s instructions on the package. Safety latches or straps should be installed on all furnishings in the home and on televisions. You can find safety straps for televisions online if you have an unsecured flat screen in your home.

You should also follow the directions for putting together your crib and changing table carefully. In general, all screws should be secure and the crib and changing table should be located a safe distance from window blinds and other hazards. Buying American made products for the nursery can ensure your crib and changing table are made to the current safety regulations set by federal agencies. You may also want to check for recalls once a month to make sure that your child’s toys and furnishings are safe.

Every nursery needs a rocking chair or glider. If you are choosing a glider, take a few moments to make sure there are no exposed springs or other devices that can pinch baby’s fingers when they are exploring the room. A safe glider is an investment can be used for many years and by multiple children. With high quality, properly secured furnishings your can feel comfortable knowing that your nursery is as safe as possible. Choosing a convertible crib that turns into a toddler then children’s bed is also a simple way to ensure your investment in quality furniture lasts for many years to come.

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