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Relatives Staying For A While? How To Prepare For Their Stay

The people we’re related to are the people we love most, whether we like it or not. When they come to stay it can be stressful, difficult, relatives have extreme personalities and we always like to make them happy with us. Being prepared can cut down on a lot of the stresses and problems that people coming to stay can cause.

Have some topics ahead of time

Know what you want to talk about and what you don’t. There are safe topics and unsafe topics when dealing with the family and no one wants a fight first day into their stay. Have some lead in to helpful productive conversation. Have some news prepared, and have some evasions and solutions to the things you don’t feel like talking about. Don’t over prepare and try to plan out every second of the stay, but have a few things that can fill awkward silences.

Give them space

Trouble really starts when you and your relatives are underfoot all the time. This is hard if you have a small place but it is still doable. Ensure that most of your property is out of their room, keeping only the things that will make them feel comfortable. The rest can be redistributed around the house, or you can contact Fort Knox storage Gladstone and put it away until they’re gone. This will make your relatives understand that you really did prepare for them and you want them to feel welcome in your home.

Organise things to do

You can’t count on people to entertain themselves, especially if they’re somewhere they rarely go. People are usually happy to entertain themselves as long as the awkward phase of not knowing what to do with themselves is past. Having a few events planned ahead of time can make things much easier. This can also help if there’s an element of tension throughout the family, as getting relatives who find being around each other difficult out of the house will help. Either way having a few boredom busters tucked away can’t possibly go wrong.

Have a place to put what you don’t want them to see

There are always a few things that our relatives will disapprove of if they see. From signs that you’re a little more grown up than they’re willing to deal with to indicators of a lifestyle they won’t understand. Now it’s a bad idea to hide who you are from your relatives, but there are some things they don’t need to be reminded of. So establish clear boundaries for them and put the things you want to remain unseen behind these boundaries. This can also be a time that having a storage unit might come in handy.

Relatives staying is a stressful joy. Sometimes you need to remind yourself how much you love them to make their presence enjoyable. Hopefully simple preparation will make it easier to maximize the good times and minimize the awkward.

This a guest post, written by Robert Barlow

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