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Quiz: Are You Romantic?

By just reading the title, you can easily reply with yes or no. But if you are not sure, try evaluating yourself through some of the questions below and you’ll be surprised knowing the truth.


Do you believe that….


When people are truly in love they tell their mates everything about their past, their thoughts, and their dreams.

“Love makes the world go round.”

In a real romance, there are no disillusionments.

The happiest marriages are between beautiful women and handsome men.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” you sometimes surprise your mate or date.

You have some old love letters or notes which you keep.

You sometimes surprise your mate or date with unexpected gifts.

Starry, moonlit nights “do something” to you.

You show affection by holding hands and kissing.

You enjoy (or have enjoy at one time) reading or writing love poems.

You are really unhappy only when you are around those whom you love.

Certain perfumes bring back memories.



Give yourself 2 points for each TRUE answer. Highest possible score: 24:

21-24: You come under the heading of a hopeless romanticist and are probably easily hurt by many who do not share your poetic and idealistic thoughts. The cold facts of life often come as a shock to you. Take a good look at some happily married people you know and you will find that practicality usually enters into their love.

8-20: This is a good normal balance. You are romantically inclined but are also factual and practical in important matters.

0-7: You are so down-to-earth that you miss some of the tender and imaginative elements in life. You probably think that love is a biological urge rather than a spiritual adventure and thus you wall yourself off from some of the great beauties of romance.


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