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Quiz: Are You Right for Each Other?

Even if you and your partner had been together for several years, there were circumstances that you asked if you’re meant for each other. Compatibility is more than ski-deep and it takes several close looks and evaluation before anyone of us can be relatively certain we have paired up with the right other person. Try this quiz to see if the two of you are an ideal couple. Select the response nearest your own. Both man and woman can answer.

For Her

1. As a permanent place to live, you would like to have..

a) A large mansion with servants.

b) An easily maintained apartment.

c) A comfortable house with a large kitchen

2. You would like to have in your closet..

a) A variety of clothing from sports clothing to formals.

b) Preponderance of elegant clothing, such as furs, expensive shoes and handbags.

c) Just few old jean, shirts and sweaters.

3. You prefer to eat..

a) At a picnic on the beach or in the mountains.

b) In a gourmet restaurants.

c) At home.

4. You feel money..

a) Should be spent.

b) Should be saved and invested wisely so it will grow.

c) Should be budgeted.

5. You think of your blood-kin (mother, father, sisters cousins, etc.) as..

a) People to be kept closely around you.

b) Just one part of your life.

c) Nuisances to be avoided.

6. For recreation you generally prefer..

a) To pursue a hobby.

b) To be physically active, such as fishing, skiing, hiking.

c) To explore an entirely new city, state or country.

7. You feel sex is..

a) The result of physical need.

b) An expression of love.

c) A way to reward or punish your mate.

8. In your opinion, you think..

a) A woman’s place in the house.

b) A woman should have a job outside the home and work as any man.

c) A woman should work part-time outside the home if she wishes.

9. You would like to have..

a) No children.

b) One or two children.

c) A houseful of youngsters.

10. In your relationship with your special man, you prefer..

a) That he make all the decisions.

b) That you make the decisions.

c) The decisions made be together.


For Him

1. You feel your job..

a) Is very interesting.

b) Is way to make a living?

c) Is the first rung on a ladder to great success?

2. In your opinion you..

a) Should be eternally faithful to only one woman.

b) Should play the feminine field.

c) Need other woman who will help you step up in your business, such as courting the boss’s wife?

3. When it comes to children you..

a) Like to look at the babies your friends have.

b) Want children who will carry on your business in your later years.

c) Feel no marriage is completely fulfilled without children.

4. When it comes to eating, you..

a) Enjoy taking over in the kitchen or manning the barbecue.

b) Usually know the best restaurant, the maître’ and vintage wines.

c) Prefer the eat-and-run spots with a fast sandwich or pizza.

5. Your idea of a fun weekend is to..

a) Watch the sports and/or politics on TV

b) Go out with your male friends for such activities as fishing, bowling, playing cards, golfing, etc.

c) Improve your living quarters, making repairs, painting etc.

6. Generally speaking, you feel..

a) Your blood-relatives (father, mother, cousins, etc.) deserve special attention.

b) Your blood relatives are a bunch of squares.

c) You want your blood-relatives and her blood-relatives to know like each other.

7. In your relationship with women, you..

a) Try to encourage their talents toward success.

b) Think of them as sex-kittens.

c) Seek their help and encouragement.

8. You think you satisfy the woman in your life the most..

a) By buying her expensive, unexpected things.

b) By always being there when she really needs you.

c) By being the good provider.

9. You feel the matter of contraception should..

a) Be the responsibility of the woman.

b) Be of no importance when that sex happens.

c) Be a mutual responsibility.

10. With your date, mate or playmate, you..

a) Do most of the talking

b) Encourage her to tell you anything she wants.

c) Let the conversation flow in a natural way.



For Her

1. (a)6 (b)4 (c)2

2. (a)2 (b)6 (c)4

3. (a)4 (b)6 (c)2

4. (a)2 (b)6 (c)4

5. (a)2 (b)4 (c)6

6. (a)2 (b)4 (c)6

7. (a)4 (b)2 (c)6

8. (a)2 (b)6 (c)4

9. (a)6 (b)4 (c)2

10. (a)6 (b)4 (c)2

For Him

1. (a)4 (b)2 (c)6

2. (a)2 (b)6 (c)4

3. (a)4 (b)6 (c)2

4. (a)2 (b)6 (c)4

5. (a)4 (b)6 (c)2

6. (a)6 (b)4 (c)2

7. (a)6 (b)4 (c)2

8. (a)6 (b)4 (c)2

9. (a)6 (b)4 (c)2

10. (a)6 (b)2 (c)4


Interpretations of scores:

102-122: The two of you have very elegant tastes and probably will try to upstage each other. Yours is not a relationship which will stand the best of time.

72-100: The two of you have a kind of sporting attitude. Yours is fun relationship with its ups-and-downs and few dull moments.

52-7: This score of a practical relationship, one which should last. There are differences between you but they complement each other.

40-50: You are strictly the family-type couple. The problem is that you may smother your family and smother each other. For each of you, there should be more differences in order for you to be just right for each other.

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