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Promotional Pens as Birthday Souvenir

We usually receive promotional pens on corporate events we attended or as giveaways by some politicians during election period.

Many would appreciate pens as souvenir for it can be useful to some point, especially when it has a good quality for a long keep.

But on my daughter’s birthday soon, I’m considering getting Made-to-order promotional pens at PenFactory.com. They have retractable, twist, metal, soft grip, stylus, union made or stick pens with different colors to choose from, depending on what you need. This is beside their other promotional products like pencils, keychains, drinkware, bags and tools that are also very affordable.

Instead of giving away toys as thank you gift for those who attended the party, pens would be a practical one. Personalizing the pens with her name and birth date on it added the fun. It can be useful not just for her classmates and friends but their parents and guardians too.

I haven’t receive any promotional pen on birthday parties we have attended, but it would exciting to share some to my daughter’s visitors soon.

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