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Preventing Your Fridge From Smelling Like Garbage

After a long day of work while anticipating the perfect dinner that you planned out the night before, the last thing you want to experience is the smell of rotten food in the fridge when comes time to cook.

Having replacement air filters on hand for your PureAir system can help prevent such a situation from happening. For many people, it doesn’t take much to completely ruin an appetite.

Often times families with children experience foul odors emanating from the fridge. Regardless of how hard they try to be clean, children can make quite a mess in the refrigerator. Whether it is a bit of spilled milk or perhaps a smattering of jelly on the side of the jar, these uncleaned food stuffs can intermingle and begin formulating a less than pleasant aroma. Although cool temperatures can reduce the potency of rotting foods, time can still be against you. Eventually, the smell will become apparent.

Children are not the only ones that have been known to leave behind a mess or two. Adults can be just as messy. Sometimes life can be quite the fast-paced experience and people can simply forget to wipe up spills or pick up various foods that are dropped. Perhaps the spill is unknown to the person while he or she is retrieving food from the fridge and a morsel or two of a casserole slips behind the milk carton. Even the most careful of individuals can still provide the perfect environment for rotting food.

One of the most prominent sources of odor in the fridge is from the occasional open container that doesn’t quite get closed completely. A missing lid from a gallon of milk could create quite the presence of odor after time. A sandwich baggy that doesn’t get zip-tied all the way can allow the contents within to begin rotting. It doesn’t matter if you have the most airtight containers money can buy if you don’t make sure they’re closed before putting them in the fridge. While accidents do happen, the lingering smells of the once prized and exquisite dinner can turn even the most lead of stomachs.

Filtration systems can eliminate odors before they contaminate other foods and your appetite. Instead of relying on one filter at a time, it could be in your best interest to have spares on hand in order to provide a seamless flow of protection. The fridge should never be compared to a dumpster behind a fast food restaurant.

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