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Practical Reminders When Installing Hinges

You may own a small business, making many internal repairs or DIY projects over the weekend. If you replace interior doors, proper hinges need to be installed to hold the doors’ weights and take daily abuse.

From a ball bearing hinge to a strap hinge, most types are installed with the same basic technique.

(photo credit to the owner)

Reversible or Not?

Every door has a certain orientation such as left- or right-hand hinge installations. The hinges you purchase separately from the door need to match your room and frame style. Look for the orientation printed on the hinge packaging or try reversible models. These hinges work in both positions, making the purchase and installation easier for any novice.

Measure the Spacing

Hinges aren’t just installed at any point on the door. Take a measuring tape and mark the new hinge locations on the door. The bottom hinge should be about 10 inches above the floor, whereas the top hinge must be 5 inches from the top. Center the middle hinge exactly halfway between the other hinges to properly support the door’s weight.

Protect the Frame

Each hinge has a different edge clearance as it closes between the door and frame. In general, 1/8 inch is standard space to have for the hinge, but it’s best to test the spacing with your particular model. Place the hinge on the door with some masking tape. Gently close the door to see if you have enough clearance. You don’t want to damage the frame with the hinge as the door swings.

Surface-Mounted or Recessed?

You’ll need to shave some of the wood off the door for a recessed hinge leaf. Surface-mounted hinges are simply attached directly to the door’s surface, making them relatively popular for a fast installation.

Prepare your door before drilling any holes or shaving off wood for a recessed hinge leaf. You only have to install the hinge one time in its lifespan. Once you finish the project, you shouldn’t have to repeat it again unless you want to remodel in the future.

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