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Portable Nebulizer During Emergency

Not again.

At first, it was only my daughter who have cough and colds. But few days after, the young boy in the family suffered the same but it’s much complicated for him because he has been diagnosed with bronchial asthma.

At the height of typhoon Pedring today, both of them were merely weakened by their sicknesses. My boy needs to use a nebulizer every 4 hours to loosen his tightened airways. This is apart from antibiotic and other medications prescribed by a pediatrician to him. Unfortunately, because of the strong winds brought by the storm, the electricity was cut out.

At this situation, I thought of having a portable nebulizer is really a necessity. A rechargeable nebulizer could be costly but if this will save my children, I am willing to spend.

If my son is not that strong despite of experiencing shortness of breathing during the blackout, I could not imagine what will happen.

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