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Patterns vs Basic Colours: What’s Best for Your Lounge Room?

If you are not a natural design minded person, or don’t have a flair for knowing exactly what goes with what, and where, then it’s always good to get a few extra ideas about what might work for you. The decision about whether to go for a patterned or basic rug is definitely one that is worth having a good think about as a rug is a lot like a piece of furniture, so its worth putting some thought into. Here are some things to consider when thinking of patterns vs basic colors.

What’s Your Style

The first thing to think about is what is your personal style and what do you think will work best for you? For example if you are into antique styles then you will probably want to choose a rug that goes with the rest of the antique décor that you have chosen for your lounge room. If rockabilly is more your style then you might want to go for a style of rug that goes with your rockabilly style of décor, which could either be a patterned, or basic colored rug.

Colour Scheme

Another way of coming to a decision about whether to get a patterned or basic colour rug is to think about your colour scheme of other décor and accessories. If your furniture, curtains, cushions etc are patterned then a basic coloured rug might be the best way to go, so that it does not detract from your other décor.


A patterned rug is a feature piece that will draw the eyes to the rug, and away from the rest of the room, so if the rest of the room is very neutral then you will probably want to go for a patterned rug to have some sort of color or point of interest in the room. If you have a very small room, but are set on a patterned rug then you will likely be best to choose a patterned rug that is of lighter colors, as this will help to make the room seem larger.

Basic Colour

Choosing a plain simple, one colour rug is often a nice way to outline a particular area of floor, or make a feature of your furniture. If you have patterned furniture, curtains or cushions then a basic coloured rug that highlights one of the colours in the accessories will really bring out the colour, and look great. If the room is a small room then its best not to go for a dark colour as this may make the room seem closed in. A light coloured rug in one colour can really open a room up and make it seem bigger than it is.

Mix It Up

If you like both patterns and basic colors then why not mix it up and have a rug that has parts of basic color and parts of pattern. This way you get to enjoy the best of both worlds! Check out some different designs at http://www.rugsamillion.com.au.

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