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Nivea Baby Products Review: Finally, We Have Found The Right Care!

For more than a year, we keep on changing the brand of bar and liquid soaps, lotions and shampoo for my baby boy.

We have tried those products which said to be the first choice for babies, some claimed to be hypoallergenic but we gave up using them in the end.

My son has very sensitive and dry skin and so I am too careful on using soap and lotion and even hair products on him.

It was a month ago when we received a small package of few baby products from Nivea to try. And to make us believe that those products are much reliable and effect, we tested it to my baby boy for several weeks.

And we’re glad to finally found the right baby care for him. They are true to their product line …

NIVEA Baby offers an high-quality, competent yet accessible baby skincare range developed together with experts –pediatricians, dermatologists and mothers –just like you!

Nivea Nutri-Sensitive Milk Wash

I am very much particular on milk wash for my baby. I use this not only for my baby’s body but also for his hair.

It gently cleanses for dry and sensitive skin. Contains natural omega-6 lipids from sunflowers that replenishes baby skin’s own lipids to protect it from drying out.

Nivea Soothing Avena Soap 

This is the right soap for my baby. We use this as alternative for Nivea Nutri-Sensitive Milk Wash. It cleanses and cares for my baby’s dry and sensitive on  daily gentle washing.  It contains natural oat extract and coconut oil to soothe sensitive skin.

Nivea Nutri-Sensitve Milk Lotion

After bath, we regularly use this lotion to my baby. It nourishes and protects his dry and sensitive skin with organic-certified Shea Butter and natural Omega-6 lipids from evening primrose plant. True enough, it strengthens the skin against redness and irritation of my little love.

Nivea Smoothy Cream 

This is the best product we love from Nivea. It provides continuous 24-hour moisture for my baby’s face and body with natural calendula extract in a non-greasy formula. Strengthens skin barrier, heals and protects against rashes.

There are more Nivea baby products that can be effective to your young one’s skin too. We had it tried and tested. And we’re proven it as effective, especially for my son with dry and sensitive skin.

Those itchy moments, particularly during the nights, are over. Always a great morning to wake up! A more fresh feeling to enjoy the whole day!

See more about Nivea Baby products and their awesome promos on their fan page on Facebook. And from there, you can also make journal and  upload photos of your baby’s caring moments with Nivea.

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  1. the smoothy cream is also my favorite for Jared, it helps keep in the moisture keeping his usually dry skin moisturized…thank goodness for brands like Nivea, to car for our babies sensitive skin, right? 😉

  2. My Baby Girl has atopic dermatitis…right now she’s using cetaphil lotion and wash..though it was good to her skin but its very expensive..im going to try nivea products to her..hope we get some good results..

  3. Yay! I received email from them too but unfortunately haven’t receive any products from them 🙁 Haha i hope soon <3

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