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Never Ever Play With Your Earrings

It was supposed to be a day of celebration for my son. He is 7 months old now.

But while his sister was at the school, something happened to her. She accidently sniffed an earring lock. The teacher immediately rushed my daughter to the nearby hospital since we were not around yet. Unfortunately, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital (now Northern Caloocan Hospital) in Caloocan has no medical tools to remove the earring lock.

So, we were forced to bring her to AFP Medical Center in V. Luna, Quezon City. It’s an hour travel at the height of a typhoon. I almost cursed Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital! Not just they don’t have enough facilities and tools, they overcharged us without doing anything for my daughter! What an abuse!

A double whammy, the driver of a taxi cab refused to send us the hospital. He will agree if we make additional P100 on top of the metered fare and we will also pay the toll at NLEX.

In the end, we ride an air conditioned bus and alighted in EDSA then called another taxi to the hospital.

Good thing that a group of doctors in AFP Medical Center immediately recovered the earring lock in just few minutes.

My poor little girl still managed to cracked a joke.

“Ang laki kasi ng butas ng ilong ko eh, kaya pumasok!”

I was so worried all along but it all gone hearing her laughed while the doctors are trying to get the earring lock inside her nostril.

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  1. OMG! how is your daughter? I think hoops-style earrings are safer for kids.

    there was a similar incident with my 5 year old daughter few months ago. she put the plastic eyes of an stuffed toy inside her nostrils. my husband removed it by using a tweezer.

  2. TVJ : ahahhahahah SORRY ito agad bungad ko natawa kasi ako sa anak mo ahahhaha nag joke pa! susme!! buti nde coin ang nalunok!! kaya dapt wala muna accessories gnyan kbata

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