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My Journey To A Healthy Lifestyle Part 5: How C-Lium Fiber Helped Me On My Health Problem

The challenge was ended. But friendship and the journey continues.

It was last September 20 when the C-Lium Bloggers’ Challenge finally concluded. The C-Lium online ambassadors were presented with their new and improved look after 5-weeks of trying to lose weight and lowering cholesterol, sugar and body mass index (BMI). Co-challengers Mauie Flores (Biggest Drop in Blood Sugar Level), Azrael Colladilla (Biggest Drop in BMI) and Allan Enriquez (Biggest Drop in LDL Cholesterol) were named as grand winners in the challenge.

The challenge was a bit tough, especially for a workaholic and career woman like me. Finding time to regularly exercise, keeping fiber on my daily diet and eating only nutritious food are great challenges enough to  drowned me. It is easier said than done, but achieving a healthy lifestyle indeed is something that’s hard to get if you do not have political will and discipline. Seriously, getting out of a sedentary life cannot be done overnight.

In the course of the challenge, I lost several pounds but I humbly admit that on the week of the final medical test, I gained a half pound on my weight. Cheat days and more cheat days plus the stress at work really gave me a hard time. But fortunately, my cholesterol and triglycerides levels improved.

The Journey Begins In Another Phase

They key is continuity. I need to pursue what I had just began. The target is only to lose weight, but to live healthy and happy. I need not to starve myself to death just to be thin. I can lose weight while eating enough – that is to always include fiber on my diet.

The Revelation

During the challenge, I was actually having a health problem. Two weeks before the challenge, I was diagnosed with multiple hemorrhoids and the immediate operation was scheduled. I asked for more time to prepare myself and with a hope that the C-Lium challenge could somehow be of help on my predicament. I knew very well the main reasons why I am suffering in such disease – lack of fiber and a sedentary lifestyle.

And I am right. During the second week of the challenge, I came to visit my surgeon and she allowed me to postponed the operation after she had seen the improvement. I remember my doctor telling me that the operation is not the ultimate solution but to discipline myself and live with fiber as my best friend. Until today, there’s no schedule for the operation yet. After I started living with C-Lium, the days when I cried in pain and cannot stand or even sit comfortably were just part of the past.


Our thanks to:

>> SM Ladies Fashion for the beautiful dresses of the ambassadors

>> Tipping Point Collective for styling all the participants

>> Medicard Lifestyle Center – Makati for monitoring the health of the challengers

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