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My Journey To A Healthy Lifestyle Part 2: Why We Should Add Fiber To Our Daily Diet?

It has been more than a week now since I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle, finally. What has changed? Gradually, I am loving veggie recipes! It was really hard to create different vegetable menu everyday but that’s a challenge that turned out to be fun and exciting!

From 70.3 kilos last July 26, I am now 69.7 kilos! Not much? But hey, I was told by the nutritionist at Medicard Lifestyle Center that I must target only 69 kilos or 152 lbs by August 26! So it’s a good achievement for a week so far! But of course, I am looking forward to loose more to live more!

As much as possible, I do not starve myself. I could eat many times a day, provided that I would only pick healthy food or with minimal amount of calories and carbohydrates. Crackers and oats became my best friends. I tried to drink water at least 6 times a day. I am missing coffee but sometimes I do a little sip. Cheat days!

I am a person who’s always constipated and it was totally ignored then. Before, because of being busy as a career woman and a mother of two, I failed to monitor if I do eat the right food or does it have enough fiber that I need.

If I did not took action today, I might be at high risk of the health problems due to fiber deficiency:

When I begun taking C-lium Fibre Husk, one to two sachets a day, it made my stomach feel lighter. I simply mix a sachet of C-lium Fibre to half a glass of juice and it helps absorb, bind, and flush toxins and excess fats from my body. True enough that fiber has good benefits to our body.

There are food that has fiber but sometimes they would not be enough to supplement the average amount that a person needs daily. The table below will serve as our reference when counting the amount of fiber that we should take everyday.

Adult males, under age 50 38 grams daily
Adult males, over0 age 5 30 grams daily
Adult females, under age 50 25 grams daily
Adult females, over age 50 21 grams daily
Adult pregnant females 25-35 grams daily

source: http://www.sparkpeople.com

Now, I am sharing to you some great tips from C-lium on how to add more fiber to your diet! I am really really trying to follow this!!

Aside from fiber diet plan, I started dancing Zumba again! I actually wish to return to my boxing practice but my schedule doesn’t permit me to travel to the gym regularly so I only dance at home. Also, last Friday, I joined a Yin Yoga class for the first time!

Go for a healthy lifestyle, today. Tomorrow might be too late.

Again, I am joining the challenge by C-lium. Accept the challenge too and you might win P10,000! Log in to www.clium.com.ph/losemore to join. LIKE C-Lium Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Clium or FOLLOW their Twitter account: https://twitter.com/cliumfibre for more updates!

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