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More Than Just A Man’s Best Friend

Dogs have a way of understanding just how we really feel and have great loyalty to their owners.  More than being a man’s best friend, dogs provide much more help to man.  

Many lives are saved by police dogs trained to detect harmful substances, drugs, and bombs.  Those who love to hunt track game with the help of dogs equipped with sportdog field trainer 400. The handicapped have also been greatly benefited by trained service dogs who aid them in moving around.  Dogs have become not just pets but heroes as well.

If you have little children at home, chances are they’ve been pleading to have their very own dog at home.  Now, before you give in to their request, here are a couple of considerations you may want to take in choosing the new member of your family:

Trained vs. Puppy.  Most mistakenly believe that puppies are best for little children.  However, puppies still solely act on instinct and may show aggressive behaviour when children become too playful.  On the other hand, trained dogs have already been taught how to deal with people.  Moreover, you get to concentrate on potty training your kids without the hassle of potty training your mutt.

Breed Matters.  Don’t get a Chihuahuas and Jack Russells may be cute but they may not exactly be the perfect breeds for your little children.  Read more about Collies, Greyhounds and Bassett Hounds instead and see which one your kids would love the most.

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  1. dog are used for a ll kind of stuff i have one a service dog and then i love pet and had them since a little kid

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I hate when people buy puppies for their kids because they’re so cute but then can’t take care of them and just get rid of them.

  3. Funny you should mention a Jack Russell Terrier – I adopted a little JR when she was 6 weeks old. They are the smartest dogs on the planet! I had her for 15 years and was my “child”. Any pet is more than that – they become an integral part of your family. My dog passed away 3 years ago and I still miss her terribly.

  4. I agree you should consider carefully before buying a dog. Too many people don’t really think it through until it’s too late, then they have no idea how to properly train their pet. One question, why not buy a Chihuahua?

  5. I love dogs..actually all animals and I really wish people were more responsible.Collies make excellent pets for kids.I had one as a child.

  6. I have rescued a couple of puppies and socialized and trained them before they were adopted. And let me tell you, a puppy is more work than a baby! If you want a dog, I would recommend that you seriously consider adopting a grown, trained dog.

  7. I got my dogs from my sister. She got them for herself, but when we moved they ended up living in my room. I wonder what she would do if I didn’t agree to take them in.

  8. You write really good reviews. Every kid wants a dog. There are things to consider. Don’t just make an emotional decision. After all, they do become part of the family and you want one that will fit in.

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