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Marriage Quiz: How Can You Tell If Your Partner Loves You

Answer the quiz below with all honesty.

By the way, do not take seriously your score and its meaning. Remember this is just for fun but you could use it as a guide.

1. In our daily life, most impotant decisions are made:
a. jointly.
b. by my partner.
c. by me.

2. My partner usually reacts to my efforts:
a. with stony silence.
b. with negative criticism.
c. with praise.

3. In the back of my mind, I feel my partner:
a. is searching for affection from someone other than myself.
b. has put aside past romantic ties.
c. still has memories of another love.

4. When I am ill or feeling down, my partner:
a. becomes angry and/ or upset.
b. is especially attentive and tender.
c. leaves me alone until i feel better.

5. My partner and I:
a. handle money about the same.
b. argue over spending.
c. fight because I am extravagant.

6. When it comes to our mutual associations with people:
a. he/she can’t stand to be around most of my associates.
b. he/she likes most of them.
c. he/she endures them, with reservations.

7. My date/mate:
a. feels free to invade my privacy in such ways as opening my mail, reading my diary.
b. never pries into my private belongings or private life.
c. sometimes ask to see items, such as cheques, mail, or to know my activities.

8. In our home-life, my partner:
a. expects me to do the major part of all the different kinds of work.
b. is adjustable and likes to share home responsibilities.
c. does the lion’s share.

9. In our lovemaking:
a. he/she seems to be preoccupied byb his/her own fulfilment.
b. we find deep mutual satisfaction.
c. he/shesometimes sacrifices his/her satisfaction to please me.

10. When my date/mate is with a member of the opposite sex, he/she:
a. is pleasant and charming.
b. is prone to play the role of sex symbol.
c. retires into his/her social shell.

How To Get Your Score?
Every letter corresponds a score. Add them up.

1. a-6 b-4 c-4
2. a-2 b-2 c-6
3. a-2 b-6 c-4
4. a-2 b-2 c-4
5. a-6 b-2 c-2
6. a-2 b-6 c-4
7. a-2 b-6 c-4
8. a-2 b-6 c-4
9. a-2 b-6 c-4
10. a-6 b-2 c-4

What Your Score Means?

48-60: You can be pretty sure your partner loves you in a deep, satisfying way.

31-47: You have racked up a better-than-average assurance that he/she loves you. Hang in there and let your own warmth and consideration be an example to your partner.

24-30: This rating is a little tricky. Better evaluate whether or not you are inspiring respect and friendship which are the basis of love. If you are sticking with your partner with the idea of changing him/her, forget it. But it might be profitable for the two of you to have a rational evaluation of your time together.

Below 24: This is a no-love score. You are building scars for yourself if you persist in being around your partner. There are some people, however, who seem to enjoy being used and you may get your kicks out of being misused.

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