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Makeover Tips for Your Master Bedroom

Does your master bedroom need a new look? Are you considering giving it a complete makeover? As a place you most likely spend a lot of time in, it’s important for this room to reflect your style while also feeling comfortable. Here are four tips you can use to give your bedroom a facelift to make sure it does this. They are simple to implement and won’t break the bank.

Create a Feature Wall

Whether you use a stylish wallpaper design, artwork, or simple block colours, a well-placed feature wall – behind your bed, for example – can add some much needed dimension to your master bedroom and really help your room stand out. It will also create a focal point in your bedroom and demonstrate some of your personality.

It’s All in the Colour

Did you know that colour can literally change the way you feel? It’s true. Different colours can evoke different physiological changes in your body and influence certain processes in your mind. For example, blues can help you feel calm and relaxed, while reds can stimulate your nervous system, making you feel more anxious and on edge. When giving your master bedroom a makeover, give some thought to the different effects various colours can have on your body and mind. Although a maroon feature wall may gel well with your brown teak bedframe, a better choice may be to opt for an off-white or a light brown; these soothing colours will help you get the rest you need at the end of the day.

Choose the Right Lighting

When redesigning your master bedroom, make sure you choose your lighting properly. In short, lighting can be classified into three different categories: ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. Ambient lighting is your overall or general lighting. Think flush-mounted down lights or hanging lights. Accent lighting is used to highlight certain features in your bedroom, such as artwork. Floor lamps are best here. Finally, task lighting is there to provide light for certain tasks, such as reading and writing. A desk or tableside lamp is usually the best option here. Don’t forget to think about installing dimmers and remote controls in your master bedroom so you can have more control over the lighting in your room.

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Make the Most of Your Bedroom Space

If your master bedroom is not so spacious and you find yourself struggling to find the space to store your things, make sure you choose the right kind of furniture for your bedroom. Beds and bedside tables that have built-in storage cupboards are particularly suited for smaller sized master bedrooms. Check out home furniture specialists, such as Super Amart Australia, to get some ideas about the type of space-saving furniture you could use to help make the most of your bedroom space.

Do you have any other tips to help transform a boring master bedroom space? Leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments section below – you may just give someone else the inspiration or motivation they need to transform their bedroom!

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