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Lower Your Energy Bills This Summer

It may seem like summer gets hotter each year, but you don’t need your energy bills rising either with excessive air conditioner use. Even if the temperatures are reaching 80 or 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside, there are clever ways to make the interior space cooler without resorting to a flick of the air conditioner switch.

Try these cool ideas to lower your Columbia utilities charges today.

Shades Go a Long Way

You might appreciate the sun brightening up your home, but it also generates a hot interior with ultraviolet radiation. Add curtains and shades to your interior windows to see a huge difference in temperature. Go further with the shade concept and hang a sunshade outside a large window or sliding glass door. Blocking sunlight is the first defense against a hot household.

Interior Wind Chill

The idea of creating a wind chill might sound unusual when winter’s bite is in full swing, but you want that feeling in the summer. Add ceiling fans or plug in floor fans to move air through the home. When air rushes past your skin, it creates a technical wind chill as it cools you through evaporative processes. It may not cool the room with a temperature drop, but you’ll feel more comfortable during warm summer days.

Create a Cross Draft

Use the prevailing winds to your advantage by creating a cross draft. Crack your attached garage and open a sliding glass door, for example. Winds moving through both areas will meet, creating a positive air movement through the home. Any cool breezes outside can be harnessed indoors for a relaxing summer afternoon.

Be a Gardener

Be proactive about summer cooling by planting some trees in the springtime. With dense foliage across the branches, these trees can shade the home from the intense summer sun. Add them just south, east or west of the home to create a sunlight barrier. Although the shade may not cover the entire structure, even dappled shade contributes to a cool home.

Your home can still be an energy consumer if windows aren’t serviced properly through the year. Hire a contractor to verify if frames and other window components are seeping air through cracks. Even with the shades drawn shut, you could still feel hot breezes flowing through tiny window frame cracks. Updating windows helps the entire household conserve energy and stay cool simultaneously.

Upgrade to an Energy Efficient Roof

You may not think of it but the roof over your head has a lot to do with how costly it is to heat and cool your home. Let’s put it this way, have you ever stood on top of your roof during the middle of the summer? It gets extremely hot! That heat makes your AC work that much harder to keep you and your family cool. The initial installation cost of an energy efficient roof may be higher than regular roofs, but the investment is recouped in utility bills. Consider calling a professional roofing contractor, like All Professional Remodeling Group, for an estimate. Keep in mind that you may qualify for tax credits, so keep all of this in mind when getting a quote.

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